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July 1, 2018
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10 Top Friendship Memes


Memes are nowadays being used as a way of expressing the feelings and situations. We normally tag our friends in the memes where there is some similar situation to you or your friends. Here are some top friendship memes that we all can relate to:

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When your friends do not respond:

Whenever you see something funny or relating to your friends on the internet, you are definitely going to tag them in that post, meme or whatever it is. After tagging the friend in that post, you would expect your friend to notice that post and give some response. But it hurts too much when they don’t show any interest in that post and you feel so betrayed. So you finally have to show them this meme and feel sorry for annoying them with your friendship.


When the friend is upset

It feels so bad when someone is trying to make create a bond with your best friend but it gets even worse when some makes them upset. Whenever your friend is hurt, it feels so bad and you would definitely do anything possible to comfort your friend even if you have to be a trouble for the one that made the friend upset. The above from the movie “Home Alone” is depicting some similar situation. This is one true friendship meme!


Passing by your friends’ class

In school, when you and your friend are in different classrooms, passing by their class you can never avoid to take a peek at your friend from the window. You look exactly like this guy in the meme from inside the room while looking for your friend through the window. You can show this meme to your friend who used to do that in the school to let them know how they looked like. One Epic best friend meme on internet!


When your friend dose something stupid

You feel so annoyed when you see someone doing stupid things. You may reach out to that person and say something to them to stop them. But when it comes to the best friend, you would try your level best to ignore whatever the wrong he/she is doing because that person is your best friend so you would not stop them and let them do whatever they want.


When your friend makes plans with someone else

We find ourselves in the situations where we make plans with our friends to go out on a trip or to have dinner. This feeling while planning is so good and if plan works it gets even better. But one thing that causes the problems is when you friend starts planning with someone else leaving you aside. The meme from the TV show “FRIENDS” is depicting the same situation of friendship where one friend is not happy with other one as he has plans with someone else. You can always share this with your best friend as it is a Top Friendship Meme!


The friend who is always late

In every group of friends, there is always that one friend who is always late whatsoever. You call that friend to reach somewhere urgently and that friend will tell you he is one his way while still lying in the bed. He will reach the place after being late at least one or two hours from the expected time and then he will give some lame excuses. Share this meme with that friend too who is always late.


When someone calls your best friend their best friend

When you are with your best friend and someone else comes and say your best friend their best friend it does not feel good at all and you would like to keep them away from your friend. In this meme, the monkey is stopping the person from getting closer to his dog friend.


That friend who never picks up the phone

We all have at least one friend from this category who never picks up the phone. That feels so annoying when you have to talk about something and get no response from the friend. The meme shows a guy sitting right next to his friend and trying to call that friend and he still attempts to ignore the call, so the guy is looking annoyingly at his friend.


When your friend asks you not to tag them in memes

Tagging in the memes is a way of showing love and attachment with the friend. When you tag you friends in too many memes, they may not feel good about it and at some point they may ask you to stop tagging them in the memes. You feel so bad and decide not to stop until you are done and you tell them the same thing. The meme is also showing the similar situation that he will only stop when he feels like that. If your friend asks you not to tag them, you can use this meme.


When you friend joins you in your lie

Friends are the people you spend most of your time with. They know most of the things about you and can understand you better. Whenever you are telling a lie to someone, they know what you are up-to and there are always more chances that he will join you to make sure that the other person starts believing in what they are telling them. This meme is also depicting the similar situation. And this is one of the favorite Friendship Meme!

Friendship Memes

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