Top 7 Comic Memes

Emotional Memes
Top 10 Emotional Memes
July 10, 2018
Motivational Memes for Work
Motivational Memes for Work
July 12, 2018

Top 7 Comic Memes

Comic Memes

When it comes to Memes, Comic Memes are the best since they combine the already loved comics into memes and double the humor! Moreover, you can enjoy making them yourselves which always turn out to be the best. Let’s have a look at some amazing Top 7 Comic Memes!

Looking for Memes that explain your emotions? Have a look at Top 10 Emotional Memes!

  1. When you prepare for something to impress others but it always backfires! And that is when you feel sad because no one pays attention to the effort you made. As seen in meme below how a person learns a magic trick and when he shows it, they ask him to disappear! Forever Alones’ 😛  Comic Memes
  2. Huge Jackman who has played the role of Wolverine from the X-Men series is loved by everybody! In this meme, it shows how Wolverine’s body has been growing over the films. A little exaggerated but funny enough!  
  3. Always at a restaurant, while you are busy eating and chewing your meal in your own way, irrespective of manners and suddenly the waiter appears! Like, we’ll call you buddy If we need you! 😛   
  4. You always feel sloppy and tired when you get the complete hours of sleep that you think you need. What’s the problem? No one knows 😛 But when you don’t sleep much, you are active like anything!   
  5. And your girlfriend or wife will always ask you how they look and say that they are ugly. And that is a never ending process no matter how much you tell her that she is not. So better use this way 😛   Comic Memes
  6. We all know how the iphone got designed. But how did Steve invent the ipad? Well, not that difficult though 😀   Comic Memes
  7. It’s never easy to pass an exam and one always tries all tricks and shortcuts to pass the exam even if they have to beg the Instructor too 😛                                                                    Comic Memes
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